The Importance of Fats

It is a common misconception that eating fat is an unhealthy thing to do. However, fats have many health benefits, and should be embraced, not avoided, as part of healthy diet. Some of the less well known benefits of fat is that is that it helps the body make hormones (like estrogen), feel full for a longer period of time, absorb the “fat soluble” vitamins A,D,E,& K, make myelin in the brain, and cushion and support body organs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fat free food does not necessarily mean it is more healthy for you.
  • Some saturated fats are good for you so do not discount all foods with saturated fats in them.
  • Fats have medical benefits such as insulating and protecting organs, promoting brain health, and faster absorption of vitamins.

“Having a meal with fat in it actually keeps you fuller and more satisfied.”

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