The Importance of Genetics in Eating Disorders – Part 4: How Genetic Research on Eating Disorders Can Inform Prevention and Treatment

Eating disorders can occur as a result of both genetics and the environment the patient is in. It is important in understanding these factors when dealing with eating disorders. Understanding the genetics of the disease can help recognize high-risk individuals as well as initiate prevention. If a patient is made to understand that their condition is a result of their genetics it can reduce some of the stigma and help in the treatment of the disorder.

Key Takeaways:

  • If a genetic risk for an eating disorder is known, targeted prevention programs can be implemented.
  • A patient knowing they have a higher genetic risk for an eating disorder can help them better understand their struggles with recovery.
  • If genes for eating disorders are identified, new medications may be able to be developed.

“As we have said often, understanding the genetic risk for any disorder is only one piece of the larger puzzle.”

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