The Log: An Analogy by Anita Johntson

An analogy can be drawn between clinging to an eating disorder and a clinging to a log in rapid waters. Fall into the rapids, maybe you manage to find a log floating around you it will support you. The ride will be bumpy and scary but you won’t drown. Eating disorders are a type of emotional self management that permits function through daily stresses and upheavals. Both remedies can be understood and incrementally released through personal growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Anita Johnston, the immense challenge of getting over an eating disorder is similar to desperately holding on to a floating log for dear life.
  • The steps that you take to conquer the eating disorder, such as meeting with a dietitian and following a meal plan, prepare you to let go of that symbolic log.
  • With dedication, a self-care plan, and the support of family and friends, recovering from an eating disorder is possible.

“Since eating disorders can not be easily explained sometimes the best way explain them to my patients, their family and friends, and as a reminder to myself I use the analogy of The Log.”

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