Do you want to help more people Recover?

Act now, this special offer is for a limited time only!

Ask yourself, how does helping one more person recover make you feel? If you can help just one more person, how much is that worth to you professionally, personally, and to a lesser extent, financially?

 Helping just one more person in our community recover from an eating disorder will make a world of difference. When you join our directory, you will help more people recover.

More Referrals

Any listing in our directory will give you more traffic and exposure than you can get on your own! And most importantly, you get to help more people! 

Reduces wasted calls and non-starter sessions!

Potential clients will be well-informed about you and your practice, leading to fewer wasted calls, wasted time, and energy.

Instant Credibility

Being listed on our site will give you added authority.

How this directory will help you, and how it is different from other directories?

As you know, the Gürze name has been the industry standard for over 30 years, so inclusion in our directory gives you instant credibility. Today, people are constantly on the web, whether it’s on their computers, tablets, or phones, so as a practitioner, you need to have as large a web presence as possible.

Our website traffic is constantly increasing, putting you in front of your target audience, every single day, 24 hours a day. It is a simple, easy promotion for you and your practice, and it will lead to more referrals. Also, we will advertise this directory in the Gürze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue each year, which will drive even more traffic to the directory, and in turn to you!  

What is different about our directory is we have 3 special offers for you to choose from. 

  1. A standard listing, which lists your name and contact information. Straight-forward and simple.
  2. An enhanced listing, which lists your vitals (what is listed in a standard listing), and allows you a paragraph (150 words or less) about yourself, your practice, your methods, etc. This allows you to distinguish yourself and your practice. Additionally, enhanced listings will be featured closer to the top of the directory (above a standard listing). This positioning will draw more traffic than a standard listing.     
  3. Our first in the field, video listing! Professionally shot and lit, you will have 2-4 minutes to talk about yourself, your practice, and give potential clients a feel for who you are, and how you can help them. The video listing will lead to the most referrals, and you’ll have less dead-end calls and visits since you can get your information out there ahead of time. The video listing also includes all the text information of an enhanced listing, just below the video itself.

So what is the breakdown?

  1. A standard listing, takes an investment of $240 per year, which breaks down to $20 a month.    
  2. An enhanced listing, takes an investment of $480 per year, which breaks down to $40 per month.     
  3. A video listing, takes an investment of $720 per 6 months, which breaks down to $120 per month, plus $100 video production fee.

And keep in mind, advertising is actually a larger tax write-off/deduction than donating to charity. It’s true – ask your accountant. 

Also, we want this resource to be as beneficial as possible to both treatment providers as well as to individuals looking for help. Because of this, there will be a limited number of spots available. We want people to have options, but we want the directory to be manageable, so space is limited.  

Sign up is easy –

If you want a standard listing, sign-up here.

If you want an enhanced listing, sign up here.

And if you want a video listing, please sign up here to make your $50 deposit.


What will a video look like?

We’re glad you asked, check out an example here –   

How does the video work/where will I be taped?

The easiest places for us to tape is at conferences. If you are attending the NEDA and/or BEDA conferences in Sept and Oct, we can schedule you and record right away. After a quick edit, we’ll post the video and you won’t be charged until your video goes live. If you won’t be attending those conferences, we’ll make arrangements to have our production team find another time and place to record you.  

How quickly do a standard listing and enhanced listing go live?

Very quickly. Once you sign up, we receive your information, and post it after verifying everything. At most, a day or two - but more than likely the same day or the next day!  

Are there guidelines for what can and can’t be said in an enhanced listing?

Yes. We will give you an example posting as well as some references of what you will be able to cover in your 150 words.  

Are there guidelines for what can and can’t be said in the video?

Definitely. We will give you an outline of questions we recommend you cover, and also topics and language you cannot discuss.  

What should I wear for taping?

Solid colors look best on camera, but our video professionals will provide you some “tips” once you schedule your taping.    

Where will the directory be hosted? 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.  

Remember, this special offer ends on Tuesday, September 27, so reserve your spot now before we open this up to other people.


1. A standard listing goes for only $240 per year, or only $20 per month.

2. An enhanced listing goes for only $480 per year, or only $36 per month

3. A video listing goes for $720 for 6 months, plus $100 production fee, or only $120 per month. Sign up NOW!

We require a $50 deposit for the video listing, which will be deducted from your yearly price when your listing goes live (you won't be charged in full until your listing is live). Clicking the link below will take you to the $50 deposit page.

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