What Inspires Me to Work with Patients who Struggle with Eating Disorders

I’ve been lucky enough to work with patients who struggle with eating disorders for the past eight years. I adore my patients, and there are so many reasons why they inspire me. First of all, I chose internal medicine after medical school because I love the idea of caring for the whole person and collaborating with my patients on their health care plan. Patients tell me their story, their hopes and fears, and are the expert in themselves. I bring to them my expertise in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using language the patient connects with, and framing new or chronic medical problems in the context of each individual’s life, I give my patients a voice.
  • Nowhere are these themes more relevant than in the care of people battling eating disorders. I see how the Western medical system often silos body and soul.
  • With younger patients, I’m inspired by what they have ahead of them in their lives, how treatment for their eating disorder will allow them to enjoy their birthright of school, a profession, partnership, friendship, and exploration of their interests.

“I love being able to share with patients the objective evidence of their body’s suffering—both measurable and non-measurable—as a means of countering the eating disorder’s insistent whisper of, “You’re fine. Keep going.””


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