What is “Normal” Eating? A New Way to Talk About Food – Jennifer Sommer-Dirks

Regardless of the mixed messages the media sends us about what food to eat, food is our fuel; Our main source of nutrients. Rather than label foods as good or bad and put unnecessary judgment on them, using more broad terms is a far better mindset. It’s also important to choose from a wide variety of foods.

Key Takeaways:

  • I get asked frequently about the words “normal” and “healthy” as they relate to diet and food by both patients and family members.
  • The messages we receive about food and nutrition are often conflicting and sometimes downright scary.
  • I also don’t believe in good or bad foods. That is putting a lot of judgment on the food, which often becomes judgment on ourselves if we eat that food.

“Nutrition is not the only reason to eat. We eat for social reasons, we eat because of emotions, and sometimes we eat just because the food is there.”


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