Why it’s Okay to Not Love Your Body

You can begin your own positive body journey by taking some steps. Liking your body some days can be hard, but you can to learn to treat it with respect. You could make an appointment with a dietitian to get some help on how to eat healthy. Follow the meal plan even though it may be hard to do at times. Say positive things to yourself like you would to a friend. Find a positive role model you look up to and find some characteristics about them that you can imitate.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a lot of people, there are many steps to take in order to go from hating your body to loving your body
  • Talking to yourself and to your body as if you were talking to a friend of yours can be a good way to help keep out negativity from the way you talk to yourself
  • Even if you dislike or hate your body, your body is still worth respecting and giving itself care, which are important for your own health

“When you are in recovery from your eating disorder, taking steps to feel more comfortable in your body can be enormously difficult.”

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