“Will I gain weight forever?”: What we know about weight trajectory during recovery from an eating disorder

When someone is recovering from an eating disorder they typically start to gain weight. Sometimes they have a lot of weight to gain to get back to healthy levels. This puts a lot of stress on the individual in their recovery. Many times someone suffering from an eating disorder thinks they look bigger then they are. They have a distorted body images. Even when they are severely underweight, they perceive themselves as being overweight. They may think that they will have to gain weight forever but need to understand that it is only temporary.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is unlikely that someone recovering from an eating disorder will continually gain weight.
  • Although it’s unlikely, those recovering from eating disorders may still fear uncontrolled weight gain.
  • Therapy can help those recovering from an eating disorder overcome their fears about weight gain.

“Working with a therapist to discuss fears of weight gain can be useful, as therapists can help people to work towards recovery not just in terms of physical health, but also towards their psychological wellbeing.”

Read more: https://uncexchanges.org/2017/03/16/will-i-gain-weight-forever-what-we-know-about-weight-trajectory-during-recovery-from-an-eating-disorder/

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